I enjoy capturing great moments of my birds and my dogs. As you can see from my Photo Gallery, I have quite a few memorable pictures – experiences I believe that others would love. As I take pictures, I sometimes decide to capture these moments on video so I can have an actual video file and let others view it as well. Moments like these will surely put a smile on your face. You’ll also be able to learn some approaches that work for me. I hope they will for you as well.

Training birds is something that I have learned on my own over several years. It has been my experience that there are no bad birds, but rather bad owners. The behavior of our birds is dictated by how we interact with them, how we communicate with them, and most importantly, how we treat them. I see it this way: “What we show them is what they will give us in return.” My approach varies from one bird to another. I analyze the bird first to see which of areas needs to be improved. Once I am able to determine that, the rest of the training process follows.

What I have in this video gallery are just few of the many training methods that I use with my birds. I also included videos on how I feed and band my birds for identification purposes. I hope that by viewing my videos, you will gain some knowledge that you will find useful in providing your birds and dogs with the best treatment they all deserve.


Hand Feeding

Beak Trimming

Bentley on Training

Bentley Having Fun

Gracie on Arm Training

Hand-feeding Days Old Babies

Babies Looking for Their Mom

Why Wing Clipping is a Must

Raven Enjoying Nectar Food

Porvette and Dipsy Strolling

Thumb Training

Placing of Bands

Raven on Training

Paco’s Training Video

Harness Training