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Francis D. Hilario

The Man Behind the Flyers


After serving as a nurse in my professional career, I decided to venture into another aspect of the health system to help educate physicians on the correct process of chart documentation in one of the biggest hospital here in Pennsylvania. This ensures the proper care and management of our patients.

After this transition, I realized that I missed the daily patient interactions that came with being a nurse. This void was filled when I started to participate in outreaches, which channel my love for birds and provides a way of getting close to my old profession… Outreaches satisfy my love for these feathered wings and are also my way of saying “Thank You!” to our seniors.

As my way of giving back, I visit senior homes with my pet birds, both medium and large sizes, all of whom I trained for “Pet Therapy”. These visits were so fulfilling, not only to the seniors whose smiles so radiantly demonstrate the gratitude for brightening their days, but also to me because my birds are able to engage in this interaction and provide mutual joy. The satisfaction I receive seeing people enjoy the company of these birds cannot be measured. The fact that I can provide this pleasure is a reward in itself and is a reminder that it is the simple things in life that are important.

Aside from my Pet Therapy Program, I also breed and show cockatiels. I am currently the State Representative of Pennsylvania for the American Cockatiel Society (ACS) and American Federation of Aviculture, Inc. (AFA).   My involvement with bird clubs has shown me the importance of education. We need to share our knowledge of birds with as many people as possible so we can all share in the understanding that birds need the same love and care that we give to our “human” friends.

I have a son who may not be following what I have attained in the animal world but he is slowly but surely making his own name in the field of art.  Francis Hilario – Just click on his name to see some of his works.  I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed admiring and with much pride in his success in this field.


Frandelhi’s Flyers Aviary – Owner/Breeder/Exhibitor/Bird Behaviorist

Eastern Jacobin Association –  Press Correspondent

Jojo the Grey Rescue and Adoption for Birds, Inc. – Rescue Officer

American Federation of Aviculture – State Coordinator (Pennsylvania)

 American Rescue Foundation of Eastern Pennsylvania – Volunteer

Previous Positions Held

State Representative (Pennsylvania) – National Cockatiel Society

State Representative (Pennsylvania) – American Cockatiel Society

President/Member – Delco Bird Club



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