Frandelhi’s Collies (Litter 2015)

Aidan Resonating Light and Summer’s Inspiring Spot after a year is again a proud parents of 10 healthy puppies (whelped 01/29/15).  They have 5 boys and 5 girls and out of this litter they have produced 6 whites and 4 Sable and Whites, last year they had 8 puppies.

Congratulations to you both and for you Aidan, you are now retired and will just be enjoying the heat of the sun and the aroma of the sweet cup of cereals.

Meet the puppies!!!!


Summer's new puppies 2


Summer's new puppies 1













We are a week old today (02/05/15) and it is about time for us to have our individual name and picture.

Daisy Mae

I’m Daisy Mae – First of the litter and weighed 380 grams and now 560 grams.


Does Heather sounds good to you for a girl? I weighed 370 grams and I am 540 grams this week. Does my hips shows it?



Can you spot that mark? If you do then you can call me Sauterne. the First boy of the litter, a bouncing 420 grams that made me beat my litter mates sucking the milk who made me weigh 670 grams.. yes… you read it right, 670 grams… big boy indeed.


I am so feminine that I got the name Lassie . But please, not because I was the heaviest of them all at 430 grams doesn’t mean that I have to watch my weight…. not thinking of getting on diet for now… I have to be strong and healthy and look at my weight now..580 grams.


You are not seeing the same puppy that my Mom and Dad had last year…that’s Ava. We both have the same face like mark at our back. Daphne is my name and a bit heavier than my sister (oooppps.. were is my ethics.. not supposed to say that… we girls are not supposed to talk about our weight). Anyhow, for everybody’s idea, I weighed 360 grams but at one week, I am now 540 grams.


Being a girl, I got the name Syrah. I weighed 380 grams and is now a triple 5 grams Sable Collie. Can you guess where I that Syrah came from?


Raphael is my name and I was the 7th and weighed 396 grams last January 29th and now weighing 595 grams. Can you spot the difference between my sister Syrah and myself?


Two spots behind my back is something that I can be proud off… I got my set of eyes back in there. 407 grams at birth and now 560 grams… Now try calling my name… “Sauvigon


Not a single spot behind me thus my name Chantilly. Oh well, being the second to the last, I weighed 525 grams now from 356 grams… you may say that for a boy, I am bit low on my weight but give me another week and I will be there competing with my litter mates when it comes to getting mom’s milk.


Gunter – the 10th one, weighing 286 grams (kindly click on his name)


Puppies at two weeks and also with their Mom (Summer)

Puppies at two weeksSummer with puppies at two weeks

Daisy May (from 560 gms to 840 grams) – 02/12/15

Daisy Mae Daisy Mae 2

Heather (from 540 gms to 880 grams) – 02/12/15

Heather Heather 3

Sauterne (from 670 gms to 1070 grams) – 02/12/15

Sauterne 3 Sauterne 2

Lassie (from 580 gms to 960 grams) – 02/12/15

Lassie Lassie 2

Daphne (from 540 gms to 1005 grams) – 02/12/15

Daphne Daphne 2

Syrah (from 555 gms to 940 grams) – 02/12/15

SyrahSyrah 3

Raphael (from 595 gms to 1060 grams) – 02/12/15

Raphael Raphael 2

Sauvigon (from 560 gms to 960 grams) – 02/12/15

Sauvigon Sauvigon 2

Chantilly (from 505 gms to 840 grams) – 02/12/15

Chantilly 3 Chantilly 2

Out Third week (02/19/15)

Daisy Mae – I am now 1140 grams

Daisy Mae 2 Daisy Mae 1

Heather – Now 1200 grams

Heather 2 Heather 1

Sauterne – wow… 1550 grams now

Sauterne 1 Sauterne 2

Lassie  – 1500 grams on my third week

Lassie Lassie 1

Daphne – 1490 grams sound okay to you all?

Daphne 2 Daphne 1

Syrah – what about 1420 grams for me?

Syrah 2 Syrah 1

Raphael – whewwww.. 1680 grams for me…

Raphael 2 Raphael 1

Sauvigon – 1380 grams for me this this week

Sauvigon Sauvigon 1

Chantilly – I know, don’t have to tell me.. I will catch up for being 1130 grams only!

Chantilly 2 Chantilly 1