Gunter – A True Warrior

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A note from a friend for Gunter

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Of the 10 puppies that were born at 12:09 p.m. on the 29th of January 2015, you were the last one to come out, weighing just 286 grams. The smallest and the lightest of your litter, but for the next days, you fought like a true warrior.  You didn’t care what your size was, nor the strength of your litter mates in getting that much needed milk from your mom. You showed them what you had.

For three days you fought like a true warrior but you ran out of strength, so I decided to help you. I supported you with milk, provided you the comfort and love to have the strength you needed.  You showed me your will to survive  and taught me that we should never give up and to fight to the last drop.

Together with my family, we kept fighting, but on the fifth day you decided to let go. Not because you gave up but so that we could further attend to your other litter mates. You were a true warrior who takes other’s welfare before your own.  I hope we provided you love, care, warmth and nutrients during our time together. We hope everything will be fine. Rest assured, you taught me more – lots of things so I can better take care of your litter mates.

Sadness may be upon us, but behind that sadness is the smile you have given us for that short period of time.

I thank you for giving us the opportunity to take care of you for that short of time. You gave us more insight on the challenges of life we have to deal with.  GUNTER – a True Warrior to the end.