Meet our Collies: Dipsy Galore (Tricolor), Aidan’s Resonating Light (Sable & White) and Summer’s Inspiring Light (Sable and White).


Dipsy, our tricolor, was whelped September 6, 2000 and Aidan was whelped December 3, 2003.

Dipsy with Porvette (Blue and Gold Macaw). Porvette enjoys riding on Dipsy’s back, one of their daily routines. Don’t worry – Dipsy is not allowed to ride on Porvette’s back.

Aidan is starting to show his show ring skills. There’s a lot to learn, but with Dipsy’s help, he will make it.

They are having a little discussion on who did that terrible thing to the ducks. Who do you think did it? Not me, I’m taking the shot.

At least he knows when to go. Don’t have an accident or both of us will be in trouble.

Now that’s what you call the Collie smile. It will surely make your day, I did, right? There’s more of that where it came from.

Sometimes you just have to put a spell on either one or both of them. I just did.

I was once a puppy but look at me now, a handsome and good looking stud.


Who would have thought that after 2 years, that good looking stud will be the father of my puppies.  I can’t wait to see how my puppies will look like as they mature.


These are my puppy pictures (June 2011).  I was whelped April 07, 2011 from a litter of 9, I was the 7th.  I carry white factor and one of the reason why my owners chose me as their additional collie.

Two years later, I am a proud mother of 8 puppies.  Check our page under Frandelhi’s Collie Puppies so you can see them all.  I hope you all enjoy their pictures.