Being able to breed my cockatiels truly gives me an experience of a life time. It is an opportunity to experience what Mother Nature can give us.

I have observed my cockatiels picking their own mate – a mate who will be their forever partner. As they pair up and prepare their nest for their eggs and hatchlings, each couple protects the nest, signaling to me to leave them alone. As I observe them, I am able to see that the egg reveals the vein of life. From this vein comes the embryo that becomes the chick. When the time is right, the chick will try to pull out of the shell that was once is his home and sole protection.

To hear the first chirp is a sweet harmony to a true bird lover. This chirp is some way similar to the first cry of our own child when the woman we dearly love gives us this precious gift. This first breath of happiness gives me pause — nothing in this world can match it.

As days pass, the mother and father alternately brood their chicks, feed them, and protect them. This makes me wonder why some humans cannot do what these birds can do for their chicks. These parents will always find a way to feed and protect their chicks no matter what it takes until these babies learn to spread their wings and fly on their own.

Watching these baby cockatiels fly is also a feeling of fulfillment for me as a breeder. What used to be a small egg is now a little bird, able to explore its new world with everything it learned from the parents when it was in their comforting wings. As parents, this is reminiscent of our experience with our own children. Letting them go is difficult, but we find comfort knowing that we prepared them for this world so they are well-equipped with everything they need. What they don’t know, they will learn as they travel through the successes of their lives.

Below are some of the pictures will demonstrate the Cycle of Life of a Cockatiel and along with the pictures are babies who left the nest box with such beauty and temperament.