Club Officer's Message

Clint Robertson' Show Report at Our 2017 Eastern Jacobin Association

EJC Judges report. Jan. 13th & 14th, 2017

Clint Robertson

It was nice to be asked to Judge the Eastern Jacobin Club Show this past January in Lancaster. I have never had the opportunity to judge this show before but I was well aware of the history of the club and the caliber of the breeders through my years in Jacobins.

I left home at 3:30 am Thursday morning for the 2 ½ hour drive to the airport only to be caught in one of the worst blizzards of the winter with visibility at times down to Zero. On at least 6 occasions I found myself stopped on the highway with my door open looking for the yellow line in the blowing snow to see if I was still on the road. When I finally arrived in Winnipeg the storm had strengthened and the highways where closed behind me. I boarded my plane only to then find out the Airport was completely shut down and so we were taken off and I was stranded in the airport. Six hours later the storm let up and you could once again see the planes from the terminal and we were able to take off. I arrived in Harrisburg Thursday on a late flight. I stepped off the plane into balmy 63F weather with green grass. A far cry from the minus 30 degree wind chill I had left behind in Manitoba. It was a good feeling to finally be there. Dave Clinton and his wife picked me up and I was in my room in Lancaster next to the show hall by Midnight.

On Friday morning, along with my longtime friend Bob Vincent who was judging the Fantails, I had a nice breakfast with Clay Williams and Steve Gaskin who had made it up from Texas the day before. The show hall was very nice. Well laid out with a nice judging area. I was told that 280 Jacobins had been entered. A very nice number of birds for one breed by anyone’s standards.

Judging started just past 2pm. Dave Clinton and John Manckia had everything well under control and before long our first class was in the judging pens.

Almonds were a small class but some nice birds were shown in the color. A nice O.C. with smooth feather and good station was best. I would like to have seen more break in the birds color but overall a very balanced Jacobin with nice features.

Blacks were a large class. There was a great deal of variation among the Blacks shown with many different styles and types of birds and at the same time no one bird that really excelled. This made it the most difficult class to judge of the entire show. Particularly the old cocks. In the end a young cock was best Black and the Old cock was reserve. The young Cock was not a big feathered bird but he had a very nice shape and smooth hard feather and a very nice presence in the show pen with few faults. The old cock was a towering, tall bird always up on his toes but lacked in chain extension and top feather and had poorer color.

Kite/Dun Class had some very nice birds. In the young hen class the winner was one of the biggest feathered hens of any color I have seen. She was not as smooth as I would like but the power, chain and top the hen had was quite remarkable. One of the more valuable breeding birds I have seen. The winning old hen was also a dun well worth mentioning. She was tall, very smooth and classy. A very stylish, hard feathered hen also of great breeding value. Young cocks had a great bird come out on top with lots of power and really nice balance. Old cocks had some powerful Kites with good feather length and structure. Some not as smooth and lacked the refinement I would like to see. However the 1st place old cock was very good and had the hard feather and length as well as the station and body refinement to enhance his feather length. The old Kite cock went on to win best of color.

Bars were a real eye opener. I was not at all expecting to see the quality, particularly in Silvers that were put in front of me. The blues had good length of feather and refinement but lacked mane and feather quality. However the silvers were stunning. 1st place in each yh, yc, oh & oc was won by a silver. Each of these birds could have easily won best Silver at any show I have judged. These birds were beyond good bar jacobins. They were outstanding Jacobins in any color. The old hen lacked condition but could easily have been the longest bodied most slender bird in the show. I would use her body as an example of what the standard calls for in regards to this feature. The young cock was beautiful with tremendous chain and hard feather. But the old cock put it together best with balance, structure and station and so went on to win best bar. All of these winning silvers had wonderful clear color with well defined bars. My understanding is these birds were owned and bred by three different breeders also. I tip my hat to all of them. Well done!

Splashes were a big class, and as expected quality was very good. The old cock class had some real power. The winning Old cock was quite a bird. He was extremely well balanced and showed constantly without any coaxing at all. Really a fantastic Jacobin! His weakness was a gap in his hood and some roughness in his mane which detracted from his otherwise smooth appearance. However he still easily won the old cock class. It was in the young cock class that I found my best splash. A red splash young cock with remarkable feather quality and fit. He had all the little details we look for in our best birds. He was very balanced and extremely smooth with a nice long neck and wealth of feather that carried right from the lower mane up over the top. Fit of chain and hood structure was perfect and he carried his mane up off his back. If I could improve upon him it would be to have him show more freely and give him more length of feather but all in all a superb Jacobin.

Whites had some very good Jacobins in all classes. The 1st place young cock was very powerful. He was in perfect feather condition. He had thick smooth feather and excellent station. I would like to see a longer neck and body with more refinement but still a very sound winner in the young cock class. The top 3 birds in each the yearling and Old white cock classes were very nice. First place in each of these classes pushed hard for best White. I liked the chain extension and top more on the yearling white cock but he did not stand as well and he had a weak spot in his mane. The old white cock had wonderful station and was a very well balanced bird with no flaws in his structure. Based on this the old white cock went on to win best White.

Yellows had some useful birds but not as deep in quality as in the splashes and whites I had already judged. In this class I found an easy winner in the Old Yellow cock. This bird stood out above the other yellows by far. He had a massive chain and top and fantastic station. Not often have I seen a bird with this feather power that held it together so well and displayed such fine quality of feather. Truly an exceptional Jacobin. As is the case with even our best Jacobins he did have a couple issues including a rough mane and a short neck and shorter thicker body which is often the case on birds that carry this much feather. But one of the better Yellows I have seen for sure.

A.O.C. class was small. However a couple very nice birds where shown in this class. An Andalusian Y.C. was very good with great color and beautiful structure. The Winning A.O.C. was the Old Cock. A very upright, elegant bird with great balance.

Then came the Reds! Wow! One of the finest classes of Jacobins I have seen and most definitely this class contained more power and depth than any other class in the show. What a nice group of birds to judge. Starting with the young hens I instantly found the sweetheart of the show. This little lady was and is one of the finest hens I have ever laid eyes on. Every little detail was correct. Chain and top-perfect. Station, length of neck, long slender body-perfection. Hard smooth feather and beautiful personality. She is what all seasoned Jacobin breeders strive for. If she had the power of an old cock she would have been a contender for champion. My highest praise goes to the breeder of this bird.

Old Red hens had another fantastic class winner. In many ways similar to the young hen just not quite as fancy. However I dare say if not for the young Red hen this hen would have been the next best hen in the show.

Young Red cocks had some beauties. The winning young cock was an extremely correct balanced bird with no flaws in his structure. All the little details were just right. He reminded me very much of the winning young splash cock. I would like to see him stand more freely but really a great bird. As a young bird it was hard for him to compete with the adult red cocks but it will be interesting to see him as a yearling.

Yearling red cocks had another great winner. A very smooth balanced cock that would hold his own anywhere.

Old Red cocks – what a great class! The 2nd place old red cock was great. Tall and balanced and smooth. Beautiful detail to his features. However the 1st place O.C. in this class is one of the best Jacobins I have ever laid eyes on! If anyone was paying attention to my judging and what I was explaining and how I was interpreting the standard it should have been obvious how it was going to play out at this point. The hardest thing to get on a powerful big feathered Jacobin is refinement as the standard calls for. The Standard states “long and slender stressing slimness and streamlined throughout”. Normally we only really start paying attention to this when we already have the power. Well this guy had it all. As I walked down that long line of powerful old red cocks, reaching out and touching each one I arrived at his pen. As I extended my hand and made contact, this bird popped!!!! He literally took my breath away. He was the most complete Jacobin I had seen in the show and by far the closest to the standard. Upon closer examination all the details were there. Perfect shape and structure, Chain, top and mane in perfect balance. Station- Oh the wonderful station- yet further enhanced by his long neck and long slender body. The class and elegance of this bird has remained with me since. No bird in that show was going to beat that cock on that day. It is unfortunate that in the rush no one got to take a good picture of that cock on that day. As someone who has judged around the world and bred my share of winning jacobins I would have liked to have had a good picture of that bird for people to see.

And so it was. GRAND CHAMPION went to the magnificent old Red cock. Reserve went to the very deserving Yellow Old cock. Champion Young went to the powerful and beautifully conditioned White young cock. Best opposite Sex went to the sweetheart -Red young Hen. What a great lineup of top quality Jacobins.

As a side note I would like to mention the group of genetic project jacobins that were presented. Although these birds were not judged in the regular lineup they were placed in the judging pens and our own genetic expert , Drew Lobenstein, gave a very interesting overview of the different projects and answered questions from the crowd of fanciers watching. Afterwards Drew was presented with a well-deserved award for his lifetime of contribution towards the introduction and advancement of new colors and features in not only Jacobins but other breeds as well. It was really good to see the Eastern Jacobin club take the initiative to recognize these achievements by one of the living legends in pigeon breeding today.

In closing I would like to comment on the professionalism of all the Jacobin breeders and exhibitors at this show. The birds were brought out well prepared and beautifully conditioned. This speaks volumes to the pride and devotion you have for these birds. A real class group. You have my respect and admiration. Thank you for this opportunity to judge.

Clint Robertson

EJA President’s Message:

January 2016

Dear Members,

Another great year for the East. Congratulations to all of us on a super competitive show again. As you may already know, we put roughly 200 on the table for Gary Lee to judge. Your years of Jacobins showed well Gary, thanks for a job well done. Our soon to be NPA Master Breeder John Kirchner ran the table. Except for best black, Vasil Dimitrov, bar almond, Paul Zadarlik, John won all other classes. I say “soon to be” because John is on deck to receive his NPA MBA next week. Our in house EJA Master Breeder Award was begun with myself, the Sergio’s, Henry Scheid, and John Kirchner the very first inductees. I truly appreciate it as do the others. Special thanks to Francis D. Hilario for the concept and the legwork to put it all together. Francis too has us on Facebook, front and center.

Hat’s off to Dave Clinton too for putting up with us as secretary. Behind the counter is the heart of the club, believe me! Dave clerked the entire show and the auction and awards rotation. The sequence for awards is nerve wracking and he drove through it with little sweat. Thanks to our generous members, we took in over $700.00 at the auction. Dave has the list of folks.

As voted at our annual meeting, Clint Robertson was asked, and accepted our offer to judge next year. Drew has already promised to attend…Now if I could get Mr. Bachmann to attend, we would have reached our mecca. Ed just judged the Canadian Club last weekend…at 85 years of age.

We’re going to the Nationals this weekend and then soon enough into the breed mode. Good Luck to all.

John Manckia



December 2015

EJA President’s Message:

Almost that time again. As yours, my babies are beginning to fill in; I have a few I’m excited about. If our youngster show was an indicator, our big dance is going to present some really fine young ones.

Thanks to the hard work of Francis Hilario and Henry Scheid’s moldy shoebox records, it looks as though John Kirchner will be the next recipient of the NPA Master Breeder Award, more than likely in Springfield. John’s held himself well among us and certainly has the show record to prove it. Lou Christener used to cross his legs, take a draw from his cigarette, squint his eyes and say “records speak!” Welcome John.

In our own backyard, most of us have our Lancaster entry. It appears Barry Wagner, the show superintendent, may have missed a few in the past. If so, go to the Reading Website and get one.

I am hoping that our annual will bring us 250 or so. As you recall, Gary Lee will judge. A lot of us remember Gary’s #402 winning champion Hershey nationals. Whew, what a red, huge, smooth, lacquer finish. Pigeons like that stick with you awhile. Gary intends to show Springfield. Jim McGarrigle from Ireland, a frequent EJA visitor, is to judge there. From what I hear, Clint Robertson and a group from north of the border will watch the action and several from Europe will attend. And our friend, Jim Ecker is to bring an army of those big reds for the cock fight; there’re good. Let’s EJA, really give them a show in Springfield.

Dave’s been doing a bang up job a secretary. I think we are the last Jacobin club in America to send out bulletins. Our bands are on the way and Dave is also gathering up awards.

Speaking of awards, years ago I made oak awards for the east. Jim Ecker made some in 1983 for the CJC meet in South Field Michigan. On shelves in my barn, I still have some of each….nostalgia! Now we have glass, brass and walnut. Oh how times change.

Vasil may have to use a box truck to return all he won last year. At lot of us would like to avoid that scenario this time, but he is truly in there night and day.

Everyone has seen the ballot for our new master breeder program, again Francis’ efforts, we’ll distribute them at the show and then determine who the new persons are. I have ordered an arm patch for the recipients much like the NPA. Also, we need to debate the ground rules. And please, please, please bring a quality Jacobin to both auctions. No excuses, nobody is above it. The EJA and AJC are our clubs. The fancy is losing members fast and the only way to thrive is thru support.

I have shown with every Jacobin club in America: East, Central, Southern, Western, Midwestern, AJC and in each I have received accolades on the success of the Eastern in that we share our knowledge and our pigeons. That’s how we do it. Let’s start the dance at 2pm.

Happy Holiday to all of you and see you Lancaster.

John Manckia


Dear Members, August 2015

Yeah, I know, it’s August! Show season is really not that far off. As usual, everybody stays in the coop and really doesn’t communicate. I’d like to break that cycle, even the Jac website is hush.

Last season, Charlie Palmer and I put quite a few miles on the truck with trips to Louisville, Eastern Baby Show at York, The Big Mid-Western Annual in Des Moines, Iowa, and The Eastern Dance in Lancaster. I followed up by going to The NPA National in CA. While there, I visited Drew for a few days and saw the beginnings of saddle Jacs! Area 51 stuff. Two weeks later a super weekend at Sarnia, Ontario. The last trip, to the 100th Canadian National was, of course, once in a lifetime! I met up with Judge Drew in Detroit, drove up to Sarnia with Terry Janson and spent a few days hosted at Ed Bachmann’s. Ed’s lofts are still standing full of memories. All the old photos around show the loft, Jacobin Greats, and of course snow. A weekend with Ed and Drew, two of the icons will last forever.

Thus far, because of the Avian Flu outbreak, the Des Moines show has been cancelled. All info tells us that we’re good to go for our Eastern shows and the Springfield National. Charlie and I hope to go to the Louisville show, so far so good. Steve Gaskins is scheduled to judge there. I am looking forward to it.

Our own Eastern Gala-our 55th in fact is coming up. We’ve asked Gary Lee to sort them out. Gary’s going strong on reds this year so he’s going to show at Springfield. The Clinton’s banded 60 between them. John K. stopped before 40 and Henry was having a slow year.

I decided to drive up to Vasil’s for a day or two. Wow! Like I’ve said before, he’s breeding for 3 generations ahead. The man’s like a machine. Here’s the drill: 40 lock ups, empty and disinfect each waterer…remove uneaten food, feed new, new grit and a few nutri drops to the water…40 times. While there we talked about feather quality, he’s big on that. Also, fish scales, inner shell, and what we call the umbrella up top. No wonder Vasil has won the last three annuals…dedication! I told him the Eastern guys are gunnin’ for him, all in fun.

On the business end, I’m sure Dave has the 2016 bands on order and there is a new member or two, one a welcome junior.

Francis is up and running on the website and brought up a really good idea. He recommended an Eastern Jacobin Association Master Breeder Award. The more I thought of it, the better it sounded. At our meeting this year, we need to draw some guidelines and throw around names and records. Think about it.

Good luck to all,

John Manckia




John Manckia (2015 Club President)


Dear Members,

All’s over for another year….a successful year it was. Our numbers were down. We’ve lost a few cherished members but top shelf pigeons went deep in the classes.

Vasil Dimitrov ran the table on every color class he competed in. Also with his third champion in a row, congratulations Vasil. He truly lives and breathes Jacobins and it shows in his team.

As you know, Dave Clinton has taken over as secretary. Paul Zararlik is our vice president and I will continue as president. We couldn’t give positons away this year and that’s a bit disturbing. I had inquired for a few volunteers to help clerk the show. Personal thanks to Dave for helping me out and John Kirchner for helping greatly with placing’s. One member told me he’d rather watch the show….well hello, wouldn’t we all. Work has to be done for a good show so take a look inward.

Bill’s work behind the pen was professional. Really good job Bill, thanks. Our next annual will be judged by our beloved Lee brothers, Gary and Walter. These two guys have been in the game for decades, we will have a blast.

As a club, we need to take a look at what we contribute. Our bands from the NPA cost us $640.00. If we sell each and every one, we make a whopping $160.00. I still have a string of 75 and a string of 50 for sale. Those giving Jacs up to auction need to be thanked. Mr. Scheid, Clinton, Levitskiy, Palmer, Zadarlik, Manckia, Rappucci and Rini all donated. Without the auction, the club is done. Our judging costs were nearly $700.00 this year. In all, band sales and the auction sales didn’t cover the judging expenses not to mention awards. As Dave takes the controls, please support him. We all need to pitch in by clerking and donating either cash or a quality Jacobin. We’d all like to sit back and watch the show but it’s just not going to work much longer.


John Manckia

Dave Clinton (2015 Club Secretary)

Dear Members,

The show season has come to an end. We had another successful show in Lancaster that included 211 birds. I want to congratulate Vasil Dimitrov for taking all of the classes but one and I want to thank Bill Sacher for doing an excellent job of judging. We had an excellent turnout of members and birds, a good sign of a great show. We can all start planning for the upcoming breeding season, assuming the cold weather will soon be over.

Rick and I went out to the National Show in Ontario, California last month and we had a great time. We won best red, which was great. We had a little trouble getting home, because of the weather, not snow but fog over Phoenix on Super Bowl Sunday and an emergency landing in Memphis, Tenn. It took us two days to get home.

Now that I am the Secretary, if any member wants to get in touch with me, please feel free to call me anytime. My number is (717) 656-7225 and my address in on our Member List.

Best Regards,

Dave Clinton