Constitution and By-Laws

In the interest of conformity, the following standard has been adopted by the three area Jacobin Clubs.  The Eastern Jacobin Association, The Central Jacobin Club and the Pacific Jacobin Club. 

Minor variation possibly will be found in individual clubs by-laws.  The Central Jacobin Club standard, by laws, etc. were followed as they are the oldest and probably more or less considered the mother club of the breed.  This was done to insure the printing of this new standard at the lowest possible cost for all concerned.  In this way, it was possible for us to supply the standard to all members without charge.


  1.  Name

                 The name of this society shall be “Eastern Jacobin Association”.


  1.  Objects

a)      That this club has its source of origin in the promotion and protection of the interest of the breeder of the Jacobin pigeon.

b)      The suppression of the fraudulent or dishonorable practices.

c)       The securing of full classification at club meets.

d)      The appointment of competent judges and the judging of Jacobin’s in accordance with the standard as laid down by the Central Jacobin Club.


  1.  Dues


                 The dues of this club shall be twenty dollars ($20.00) per year and shall be due

                 and payable at the January Lancaster Show.


  1.  Members


a)       That the selection of new members shall be left to the discretion of the offices and executive committee.

b)      That new members shall be accepted at any time prior to the commencement of judging and shall be eligible to compete for all club specials.

c)      That any member can be expelled from this club by the unanimous vote of the officers and executive committee upon proof furnished by two or more of the club members.

d)      That retiring members shall forfeit all rights and interest in all club funds, trophies and other assets. 


  1.   Meetings


a)       That the annual General Meeting of the members of the club shall be held each year at the club show immediately following the close of the first day’s judging. 

b)      The purpose of the General Meeting to be for the advancement of the Eastern Jacobin Association and its interest.

c)       Six (6) members shall constitute a quorum.

d)      In the case of a tie of votes, the chairman shall have a second or casting vote.

e)      Members may vote by proxy in writing placed in the hand of the secretary at least one (1) hour before the meeting.



  1.  Officers


a)      That the officers of the club shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, Press Correspondent and a committee of three (3) to be appointed by the President.

b)      That these officers be elected annually to serve one (1) year.

c)      Vacancies in the office shall be filled by appointment of the President and the executive committee.


  1.  Judges and Judging


a)       The judge must have actively bred Jacobin’s not later that two (2) years prior to the coming meet.

b)      The judge shall be selected annually by the President and the executive committee.    

c)      All young birds of questionable sex may, at the discretion of the judge, be passed as “wrong class”.

d)      All birds not qualifying for the respective color classes (Red, Yellow, Black, White, Blue or Silver), shall be shown in any other class (AOC).          

e)      That one bull eye will not exempt a bird from competing in its color class, but a bird with two bull eyes shall only be allowed in any other class along with foul feathers in flights, tail or head.


  1.  Shows


a)      That an annual show be held in each and every year.

b)      That the place and date of the show be decided upon by the officers and executive committee.

c)      That all protests shall be made in writing to the secretary, explainung and giving the reasons for the protest.


  1.  Trophies, Cups and Specials


a)       That any bird may be banded with any recognized seamless band of the size provided for Jacobin’s.  Any bird with a split band or spiralet will be judged in the old bird classes.

b)       All cups or trophies shall be forwarded to the secretarty in time for the annual General Meeting.

c)      A receipt shall be obtained by the secretary before releasing custody of said trophies and cups.

d)      That all engraving and trophy transportation charges shall be defrayed by the club.


  1.   Order of Business


                  The following shall be the order of business at all meetings of the Eastern

                  Jacobin association.


                     1)       Reading and approving of the inute of the previous meeting.

                     2)      Report of the President

                     3)      Report of the Secretary-Treasurer

                     4)      Report of the Executive Committee

                     5)      Unfinished Business

                     6)      Election of Officers

                     7)      New Business


  1.     Amendments  


                        These By-Laws may not be altered or amended except by a unanimous

                        vote of the officers and executive committee, and any such by-law passed

                        shall be valid only until at the next subsequent annual General Meeting of

                        the members of the club.