Members of Eastern Jacobin Association who attended the Lancaster, Pa. Show (January 2013)


The Jacobin is one of our older breeds and is described in all of the oldest literature upon pigeons.  Cited as "Cyprus Pigeons" (1603) confirms that the original birds may have come from the East by way of Cyprus.  Frenchmen Boitard and Corbie (1824) make a connection to  Capuchin.  Another cites a similarity to the order of Capuchin Friars who affected shaved heads enveloped in a dark hood.  Another name sometimes given is Pigeon Carme, making reference to the Carmelite Friars.

Jacobins in the US are recorded in competition as early as 1873.  The National Jacobin Society of America sponsored the breed around 1900 but passed out of existence around 1910.  The American Jacobin Club was organized before 1901.  In the Middle West, the Central Jacobin Society was re-organized in 1921.  The present day Jacobin following the US is composed of five major Jacobin Clubs; The Central (1945), Eastern (1961), Pacific (1963- defunct for about 25 years now), Southern (1973) and Western (1980). In 1999, Dennis Soares, Louie Christener, John Manckia and few others started the American Jacobin Club.

Together and separately, these clubs and their fine members are making great strides as sponsors of keen competition attempting to one day attain the standard of perfection.